Fun with servers

August 8, 2007

Looks like I’m going to be charged with my first solo server deployment. This is a bit terrifying given that I still don’t have any formal server training. To help figure things out, I’ve pressed my old Titanium PowerBook back into service as a temporary test server. A server as a laptop may seem odd, but the TiBook served this purpose for almost a year as my server at home. It was only recently replaced with the acquisition of a similarly speced PowerMac G4 from eBay. The server I’ll be deploying is getting Open Directory with Kerberos and single sign on, mobile home directories, AFP & SMB, Software Update Server, and should be ready for possible future VPN access. In short, the works. I need to make sure I still remember how to make it all work.

Unfortunately, I forgot a particular detail. Seems OS X Server will not configure without an active Internet connection. Problem is, if I configure the test server on my network, I’ll have conflicting DHCP servers, which equals a huge mess. I need a router to isolate the test server. I think we have an old 1-port router hanging around the office I may have to requisition.

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