Apple Updates

August 8, 2007

As it happens, today Apple released some new toys unto the world. Initial reaction to the new iMacs… fugly? I think they might grow on me. Will have to wait and see them in person. Annoying issue though, I have an outstanding quote with a client for the $999 iMac model. Now I get to tell her the new baseline is $1199. Thanks, Steve. The Mac mini also gets a painfully overdue upgrade to Core2 CPUs and joins the modern era with a whole whoppin gig of RAM as standard.

.Mac got some new features. Most of it has to do with iLife ’08, but for those who don’t have it or don’t plan to get it you still get some benefit. Storage went from 1gb to 10gb. About time. 1gb was a lot when .Mac first appeared under OS 9, but isn’t worth squat now. Monthly bandwidth also increased from 10gb to 100gb. Hey, now I can host that bootleg movie server I always wanted!

I believe “about time” sums up most of today’s announcements. Everything was mostly expected and long overdue, though your opinion of the new iMac design may color your opinion one way or the other.


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