First Kiss

August 12, 2007

First Kiss

First Kiss

I was excited to see Inoue Mao again after Hana Yori Dango. The role she plays this time is very different from the straightforward and honest Makino Tsukushi.

In First Kiss, Mao-chan plays Fukunaga Mio, a girl with a terminal heart illness living in the US with her mother. Rather than let it keep her down, Mio uses her illness as an excuse to be a vicious, mean spirited bitch. Before undergoing a major surgery, Mio decides she wants to go back to Japan for the summer. She calls her brother Kazuki (Ito Hideaki) who had stayed behind with their father after their parents split up.

Kazuki is aspiring to be a pro photographer, but has lost his way and is currently working as a mere assistant. He lives with a stylist and a hair dresser in a fairly nice house, though Kazuki is mostly sponging. Kazuki is rather surprised at how his little sister’s personality has changed over the years, and decides that he needs to find her a boyfriend. His attempts are well intentioned, but comically misguided. The real candidate to be Mio’s boyfriend seems to be an intern doctor, though nobody accepts/realizes this yet (of course).

Honestly, despite the presence of Inoue Mao, the show is pretty standard. Nothing really standing out in any aspect. There is one bit that sold me on at least waiting to see how the series develops: Kazuki’s roommates. Best example of their hilarity comes in episode 2. Kazuki decides to have a goukon (group date) for Mio. Mio bails on it, but the real fun is when one of the roommates puts on his own rendition of a TM Revolution PV by wrapping himself in toilet paper. Shortly after, the entire group is dancing to DJ Ozma’s “Age Age Every Knight”. I just about hit the floor laughing.

I’ll give the show a chance, but if I start to run short of time it’ll probably be the first show I drop.


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  1. sha said

    how i can get free episod by episod for this story???

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