New music, week of 8/26

August 25, 2007

As with last week, here’s what’s new on my iPod this week:

the brilliant green - Stand By Me

the brilliant green“Stand By Me”

This is the big news. After being on hiatus for five years, the brilliant green is back. “Stand By Me” picks up right where they left off, fitting right in with the rest of the band’s catalog. I love Tommy Heavenly6, Tommy February6 is OK, but I’m glad to have BuriGuri back. Well… hopefully this doesn’t spell the end of Tommy Heavenly6, that would make me quite sad.

Nakashima MikaLIFE

Nakashima Mika also has a new single with the 8/22 release of “LIFE”. The song is the theme for the same named TV drama “LIFE”, which I would be watching but am still waiting on subs. The song is very much more pop than is typical of Mika. Not sure if this will be a trend, or if it’s just an experiment, we shall see. The song is certainly catchy though.

Ali Project – Psychedelic Insanity

Albums take a little more time to form a proper opinion of, so I’ll likely discuss this in detail more once I’ve had more time with it. Suffice to say for now that Ali Project has a new album featuring their usual Victorian inspired, mysterious and slightly creepy sound. As I mentioned below when talking about Code Geass, their work fits really well as anime themes. This is especially true of anything that comes from the same Goth-Loli culture as Alipro themselves. The pairing of Ali Project and Rozen Maiden is probably one of the most perfect matings of anime and music ever, and now every time I hear Ali Project I think of Rozen Maiden. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

On another music related note, next week’s Music Station looks fantastic. They’re having both Utada Hikaru and L’Arc~en~Ciel. Is there a more perfect guest list? I can’t wait.

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