New music, week of 9/2/07

September 2, 2007

L'Arc~en~Ciel - My Heart Draws a Dream


L’Arc’s most recent single on their way to the new album is released. “MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM” is one of L’Arc’s slower songs, in this case very peaceful. The video has children from around the world lip syncing/singing along with them, seeming to promote a world peace message. Not much to say here, typically excellent work from L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Utada HikaruBeautiful World/Kiss & Cry

Hikki also makes an entry this week with a double A-side single. Beautiful World is the theme for the Rebuild of Evangelion movie. I haven’t seen it, but we can probably assume the Eva connection is the reason why there’s a cover of “Fly Me to the Moon” as a B-side here. How many versions of that song are there for Eva now? “Kiss & Cry” is a faster pop piece that used animation from “Freedom”, the animation project used in the recent Nissin Cup Ramen ads. It also lifts a part of the melody right out of “Hotel Lobby” from her ill-fated US released album “Exodus”. Maybe she liked that bit and wanted to use it on something that wasn’t a disaster.

Tamaki NamiBrightdown

Tamaki Nami debuted by performing the second two theme songs for Gundam Seed. I followed her for a bit through her first album, but then got bored. There’s nothing particularly wrong with her, she just doesn’t really stand out among all the other pop offerings. She also seems to be using sex appeal a lot to promote herself, much like a certain Koda Kumi. I can’t really get behind that, your work should not need the support of your boobs. That said, “Brightdown” is decently catchy and a little darker than I remember her. It’s used as a theme for the D.Gray-man anime, so it’s fitting.

Makihara Noriyuki – GREEN DAYS

OK, so this isn’t “new” as in just came out this past week, but this column is about what’s new on my iPod, and I just got around to getting this 😛 “GREEN DAYS” is the theme to Ushi ni Negai wo, and is a very nice uplifting guitar ballad. I like it, and it jives with the country theme of the show.

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