The lengths I go to for imports…

September 5, 2007

A little while ago I wrote that my PS2 had died. Well, after fooling around with it, I discovered it hadn’t really died. It’s just that the one switch inside under the hinge (I have a slim PS2) wasn’t making good contact. This switch is one of two responsible for letting the system know the lid is closed so that it will spin the disc. As soon as one of these switches isn’t depressed, it stops the optical drive. Thus, the optical drive seemed dead. We won’t get into why the switch isn’t making good contact or what the likelihood is that it’s because of my attempts to super glue it down to use a swap disc…

Anyway, I discovered that placing pressure on it near the switch got it going again. So, initially I just piled a bit of tape on top of the switch to give it the extra “oomph” it needed to make contact when the lid pushes on it. That’s well and good for getting it to behave normally as a US PS2, but what about my imports that require the swap disc?

Well, enter the flip top for your flip top. A delightful mod part which replaces the flip top lid of your slim PS2 with one that has another flip top lid in it. Thus, while leaving the main lid closed so the switches are depressed, you open the inner one and change the disc. Brilliant. I got it together, and while the quality of the part is better overall than I expected, it isn’t quite as tight as the original. So, even with the tape, it doesn’t put enough pressure on that switch by itself. Being the clever guy I am, I simply set something heavy on the back of the PS2 to get the needed pressure, specifically a bowl of Go stones. What you see is the result. A little ugly, but hell it works. Maybe I’ll eventually replace the PS2 with one that has a switch that doesn’t require extra effort to trigger, but this works for now.

One Response to “The lengths I go to for imports…”

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