New music, week of 9/16/07

September 16, 2007

Rie Fu5000 Miles

Rie Fu has never been a chart topper. In fact her career high is “I Wanna Go to a Place” from Gundam Seed Destiny which reached #5 on Oricon, her only top 10 single. However, ever since her “Life is Like a Boat” single from Bleach, I’ve loved her work. It’s clever, and the infusion of American country influence helps her break the JPop mold. Her last couple singles after the release of her 2nd album have not quite lived up, but “5000 Miles” shows that she still has the potential to do good stuff. We’ll assume the last couple lackluster releases are due to concentrating on college. “5000 Miles” shows heavily that country influence she no doubt picked up spending part of her youth in Baltimore. Even though I tend to dislike country due to its backwards and nationalistic themes, that’s a non-issue with Rie Fu.

Kitade NanaAntoinette Blue

Not an artist I tend to follow a lot, I still would have liked to catch Nana’s performance at last year’s Otakon. Unfortunately, funding was short for a con trip at the time since I had just gotten back from the real Japan and bought a new laptop. “Antoinette Blue” is the new (final?) ending theme for the D.Gray-man anime. It’s angsty, guitar heavy JPop worthy of the queen of goth-loli and D.Gray-man’s dark style. It lacks any real hook though, no particular part that gets stuck in my head which makes the song overall somewhat unmemorable.


Another new anime ending, “Daidai” is the latest in a long line of Bleach endings. Chatmonchy is cool for being one of a rare breed, an all female rock band. “Daidai” is a fast paced ballad driven by the vocals of Hashimoto Eriko, which ride the line of being forceful without overly straining her voice. Though Yui accomplishes this vocal style better, Chatmonchy benefits from a more consistent and complex instrumental side due to being a full band.


This is the most recent insert/battle/ending theme from Kamen Rider Den-O performed by the actors for Sakurai Yuuto and Deneb. I don’t really know what to say here. It’s really generic pop… it actually kinda sucks. What happened to the kick ass themes from the earlier Heisei-era Rider series? I hope this isn’t a trend.

BUCK-TICKAlice in Wonder Underground

This came out about a month ago, but I somehow missed it. That is until recently when it occurred to me “What happened to that new BUCK-TICK song, did it ever come out?” Indeed it did… a month ago. I’ve seen a lot of people griping about it saying it’s too pop-ish. I think people need to understand the difference between art and entertainment (in fact, I may pen a post about this). “Alice in Wonder Underground” accomplishes its intended tasks. BUCK-TICK obviously had fun making it, and we can have fun listening to it. I rather like it, it’s catchy and certainly of a different tone than any other pop song. The video is awesome too.

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