Buck-Tick – Tenshi no Revolver

October 5, 2007

Buck-Tick released their 15th (!) album back on 9/19/07. “Tenshi no Revolver” is their first album since 2005, and includes the singles “RENDEZVOUS” and “Alice in Wonder Underground.” Oddly absent is “KAGEROU,” the 2nd ending theme from xxx Holic.

“Tenshi no Revolver” follows the fast, somewhat pop-ish style of their last several singles. As I mentioned when I talked about the “Alice in Wonder Underground” single, some people hate this, but I have no problem. It may be “pop”, but we’re certainly not talking about NSync here. There’s a reason why you see Buck-Tick listed on people’s online profiles even though they have no other apparent interest in Japanese music. They’ve managed to garner a worldwide cult following, especially among the goth crowd, with their dark, somewhat bizarre, but still fun style.

The album leads off with “Mr. Darkness & Mrs. Moonlight,” a strange but incredibly infectious piece. I walked around with it in my head for days. After that, we get into the main swing of the album with “RENDEZVOUS” and “Montage”. Things continue at a driving pace, ending with a bang on the last track “REVOLVER.” There are really no bad songs on the whole thing, maintaining a high level of excitement all the way through.

“Tenshi no Revolver” is a great outing from one of Japan’s longest performing bands. As long as you’re not the type that expects a band to be stagnant and never adjust their style forever, “Tenshi no Revolver” is a ton of fun.

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