Why talk about the ninth episode of a series when I haven’t talked about any of the eight that preceded it? Well, this episode is just absolutely hysterical, that’s why.

The episode starts off with a strange group coming to Japan in a flying Volkswagon. They decide to land… in a living room occupied by a mother and daughter.

Shortly after the doorbell rings. Who could be visiting at a time like this? Why, Bandora’s Golems of course!

The Golems start to wreck up the place, apparently there after the new arrivals. The doorbell rings again, and despite the chaos the daughter obediently answers it again. Lucky for her, this time it’s Zyuranger, here to save the day!

So, Zyuranger and the Golems start to totally throw down in these people’s living room. Apparently common courtesy had already gone downhill even in 1992. At one point, the prince of the Volkswagon and the daughter are about to make a break for it out the door, but they’re captured by a chicken monster which literally appears out of nowhere.

At this point, I’m just about on the ground rolling in laughter. This stuff is just absolutely classic Japanese entertainment. You can’t get this kind of random insanity anywhere else in the world. There does turn out to be a somewhat serious side to it. Apparently the prince’s people were charged with protecting the Kyouryuu’s eggs. Now that the Zyurangers have reawakened, they are nearly done with their task of watching over the eggs until they hatch. Of course, Bandora isn’t about to let the Zyurangers reclaim the eggs and does everything she can to get in the way. While the Zyurangers are distracted by fighting the chicken monster in Daizyujin, Bandora chases after the prince’s group who are headed to where the eggs are hidden. To be continued… dun dun dunnnnnn!

The most amusing thing about Zyuranger is to watch it and see how elements I remember from MMPR were translated over. I do remember an episode where Billy made the flying Volkswagon, but I don’t remember the chicken monster. Not to say it wasn’t there, just that I haven’t watched MMPR in 15 years. I really look forward to seeing more of the series, especially once it gets to the Dragonranger’s story. Zyuranger is notable in the history of Sentai as the series that set the precedent for the 6th Ranger who doesn’t quite work with the team. His story is much more touching than that of Tommy in MMPR, so I look forward to seeing it first hand.