Otakon hit list

July 31, 2008

One of the main reasons to go to an anime convention is to buy things that you would otherwise have to import youself, or that are flat out impossible to find due to being out of production. I don’t spend an immense amount of time trolling the dealer’s room, but I usually have a fair amount of money budgeted to snap up some goodies as I wander it. Here’s a list of tasty import items I wouldn’t mind finding at Otakon this year:

Yamato Queadluun-Rau (Miria colors) – I saw this a previous year but was strapped for the cash. I consider lacking the venerable Q-Rau as a major gap in my Macross collection.

Battle Stadium D.O.N. – An import game for any fan of shonen manga. Featuring a crossover of characters from three heavy hitters of Shonen Jump’s stable of properties (Dragonball, One Piece and Naruto), you engage a an all out brawl, trying to beat your opponent into submission. So just who would win in a fight, Sasuke or Vegeta? This game is still available, but I’d still like to pick it up without the wait.

Daizyujin or the original Megazord – I really don’t care if I get the import version or the MMPR one, this is an iconic robo to most toku fans in the US. Would any of us be watching Sentai if not for cutting our teeth on MMPR, despite its flaws? Finding a sealed Timerobo last year was big, finding Daizyujin would be huge.

Transformers reissue Soundwave or Soundblaster – This is a hole in my collection of Transformers. A classic and unique character that I somehow always manage to miss picking up every time it’s released. I don’t care which version, I just want to have one.

Kamen Rider souchaku henshin figures – Some particular characters I’d like to nab would be Faiz, Chalice, Kabuto, Sasword, Black, Shadow Moon, Zeronnos and Kiva Dogga Form. These are nice figures with high die cast content, and they don’t cost very much. I’d really like to build out my collection of them.

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head. Though, finding stuff in the dealer’s room you didn’t even know you wanted is half the fun 😉

Dear Producers of Ultraviolet: Code 044

It seems you desired to create an anime series about a chick that kills vampires with a sword. Unfortunately, you accidentally shot some bizarre fusion of Ang Lee’s Hulk and softcore porn. Instead of lots of gratifying shots of said chick killing vampires, we got odd compositions of multiple panels and the lead character stripping down to her panties several times for absolutely no reason. Please do it over, cut out all the bullshit and include actual vampire killing in your vampire killing anime. If you can do this, I may make it farther than halfway through your first episode.

Thank you for your attention.

I was playing around with the Japanese text input on the iPhone 2.0 software. QWERTY and kana input are both good. It’s actually easier to type Japanese punctuation on the phone than it is on desktop OS X (unless you have an actual Japanese keyboard, of course). I decided to try a katakana word, and the first one that came to mind was Gundam. Notice I didn’t put in the dakuten as I typed, but ガンダム came up alongside カンタム, which would be a direct conversion of what I typed. That means Gundam is wired into the iPhone’s Japanese dictionary.

Gundam on iPhone


WordPress on the iPhone

July 23, 2008

WordPress is now available on the iPhone. Does this mean I’ll update more? Maybe. It also probably heralds a huge upswing in gross typos on WordPress.