Batman vs. the Movie Industry

August 6, 2008

I have been rather annoyed lately. I’ve been meaning for some time to pick up the Tim Burton Batman movies, and the Dark Knight’s release was a catalyst to make me finally get around to doing it. Surely the release of such a blockbuster would mean the easy availability of related material?


No such luck. Apparently, Warner Brothers doesn’t like money. The reason I say that is because on the day of Dark Knight’s release, every Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, every DVD retailer in North America should have had a huge point of sale display of Batman DVDs. Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, all of it. Cases worth of DVDs ready to sell to Bat-frenzied consumers. Did they? To an extent, they’re pushing Batman Beyond and the animated DVDs, but the old movies are nowhere to be had. What little stock retailers had, both brick & mortar and online, shriveled up quickly. Sites like Amazon aren’t even listing a restock time.

What the fuck?!

Didn’t Warner Bros. think it would be a good idea to print up a stockpile of this stuff in preparation? Apparently not, as I had no luck on Amazon, Best Buy, Deep Discount and everywhere else I looked. All out of stock.

OK, I like to have a physical DVD on my shelf but I won’t split hairs. I just want to see the movie. Surely, iTunes has my back. Unfortunately, a search for Batman only gets us this:

Gotham Knight: reasonable since that just came out

Return of the Joker (Directors’ Cut): Not bad, but not what I’m looking for

Batman and Mr. Freeze Sub Zero: If I had to pick an Animated movie, it would’ve been Mask of the Phantasm… but whatever…

Batman (1966): Um… kay

No 1989 Batman. No Batman Returns. Not even Batman Begins. Will somebody please go knock on Warner Bros. door? They’re obviously asleep at the wheel here. I had credit card in hand, ready to give them money for their product but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s like looking for a Nintendo Wii the week before Christmas.

So, I said screw ’em. You know who does got my back? The Pirate Bay. They didn’t let me down. I got my copy of Batman. Sorry Hollywood, you had your chance to get my money and you fucked it up.

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