Kamen Rider Den-O Action Liner Series

September 5, 2008

One of my more unexpected acquisitions at Otakon was the complete set of DenLiner train cars from the Kamen Rider Den-O Action Liner series. HLJ was selling them at the con for $100, which works out to about $14 per car. Not bad at all for an import toy.

Each train car individually isn’t terribly interesting. You push a button and a weapon pops out. DenLiner’s engine car has a few trademark DenLiner sound effects activated by pushing down the spoiler on the back. The “eyes” on the front also light when you do this. The real interest is when you hook them all together. You pull out hitches on each car to connect them all up. When you push the weapon button on the first car, it will pull the next car forward, bumping its button, and causing the process to chain react down the line. It’s pretty fun to watch it all go off.

I happened to go onto HLJ’s site shortly after the con, and noticing they were clearancing out ALL of the ActionLiner series trains for really cheap. Since I wanted to order the Kiva Dogga Form figure anyway, I decided to pick up ZeroLiner Drill, ZeroLiner Naginata, and the dining car for DenLiner. I also grabbed the combining Kamen Rider Zeronnos figure despite it being kinda lame, because it was also going for cheap.

The ZeroLiner cars are each a bit bigger than the DenLiner cars. They both have a wind up feature as well for the drill and the helicopter blades. The helicopter blades will, if wound, start spinning automatically as soon as they’re released, which is pretty fun. ZeroLiner Drill also has the same sound effect feature as DenLiner Gouka, but with ZeroLiner’s typically more steam engine like sounds. And it moos. No lights on ZeroLiner, however, which is a bit disappointing. Regardless, I think the ZeroLiner cars are my favorites out of the whole Action Liner lot. I like the styling, the fact that they’re a bit bigger than the DenLiner cars, and the wind up features.

This one was a bit of a surprise to see that they made. The DenLiner dining car, setting for many a scene in the Den-O TV series. It has the same pop open feature as the other ActionLiner cars, though all it does is pop open the cover on the little diorama. Inside you’ll find miniatures of Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros and Den-O (Sword Form) each with hip articulation so they can sit down. The most fun feature of the car is that you can mount the figures on little tracks, then have them “fight” by sliding them back and forth with the levers that pop out of the side. Kinda like those tabletop hockey games, but with Imagin.

Overall, these trains aren’t bad for what I paid. I don’t think they do enough that they would have warranted their full retail price, but at a discount they were a steal. All combined the entire train is pretty impressive, and I don’t even have GaoLiner or KingLiner. I just wish I had a shelf big enough to display the whole train put together.

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