Zyuranger vs. Power Rangers: The DragonRanger saga — Pt. 2

October 12, 2008

Part 1

MMPR 1×19 “The Rescue”

Roughly Corresponds to Zyuranger 19 “Female Warrior Scorpion!”

Part 3 of MMPR’s “Green With Evil” begins as the Power Rangers continue their search for both Jason and Zordon. As Jason continues his struggle against Goldar, Kimberly is really starting to notice what an asshole Tommy is. Eventually, the Green Ranger switches with Goldar, claiming Rita wants him to finish Jason. He toys around with Jason for a while, but just before finishing him off, Billy locks onto him and teleports him out. After chatting about what happened, the Rangers rush off to fight Rita’s newest henchwoman Scorpina. They manage to survive her attack and return to look for Zordon again. The episode ends as Goldar is sent down to wreak more havoc on the city.

In Zyuranger 19, Bandora decides to awaken Lamie, Goldar’s wife who has been sleeping in suspended animation on Earth and have her look for the dinosaur eggs as part of her plan to take out Daizyujin. The dinosaur eggs have already been found by a pair of young brothers Geki meets by the sea. The boys lead the Zyurangers to their house and give them the chest with the eggs, but Lamie (in the form of a boulder) attacks them, injuring one of the boys and capturing the other. Bandora and her goons dance around the captured boy as Burai stands in the corner rolling his eyes at the spectacle. She proposes to trade the boy for the eggs. Geki leaves the coin from his Dino Buckler in the injured boy’s hands as they head off to make the exchange. Bandora of course double-crosses them and a brawl ensues over the chest. Burai even gets involved, attacking Geki who can’t transform without his coin. Eventually Bandora makes off with the eggs and makes an ominous threat to destroy Daizyujin.

What came from Zyuranger?

Very, very little of this episode’s footage was usable for Power Rangers. The episode dealt mostly with the dinosaur eggs, a plotline dropped entirely from MMPR. On top of that, Geki doesn’t transform, rendering all the Green Ranger footage useless. Only a few usable shots of the fight with Lamie are used, then the fight ends abruptly and without much explanation. The entire second battle is stricken from the Power Rangers episode. To make up for the lack of footage, a conversation in Rita’s palace at the end is actually taken from the beginning of Zyuranger episode 20, as is Grifforzer’s attack on the city.

MMPR 1×20 “Eclipsing MegaZord”

Roughly corresponds to Zyuranger 20 “Daizyujin’s Final Day”

After fixing a problem with power drain on the Command Center, the Rangers are able to head off to stop Goldar. They have a scuffle with some Putties and Scorpina before Rita comes down to talk some trash while Goldar tries to squish them. Goldar then captures a bus containing Bulk and Skull while the Green Ranger sneaks into the Command Center to set back their efforts to contact Zordon again. Rita has Goldar take the bus over to the beach so they can use it to lure the Rangers into using the Zords. Once they do, she starts causing an eclipse to cut off MegaZord’s power. The Rangers are able to save the bus, but can’t retreat in the face of Goldar and Scorpina. Alpha traps the Green Ranger long enough to scan him, but Rita teleports him away and makes him giant sized to help accost the MegaZord. Eventually the Zords lose power and are cast into a pit of lava. When the Rangers retreat to the Command Center, Alpha has the results of his scan revealing Tommy as the Green Ranger.

The Zyurangers attempt to figure out how Bandora could possibly defeat Daizyujin since it’s so powerful. Meanwhile, Bandora and her gang discuss their plans at the palace. With Lamie present, Grifforzer speaks for the first time. Burai, who is being driven mad by the Sword of Hellfriede, begins to be more insolent with her. Bandora has Grifforzer attack the city to lure the Shugozyu out. The Zyurangers fight Lamie and some Golems on the ground, hesitant to summon the Shugozyu due to Bandora’s threat. Bandora has Grifforzer capture a bus to force the Zyurangers’ hand, and they summon Daizyujin. The nature of Bandora’s threat becomes clear as an eclipse starts, greatly decreasing Daizyujin’s power. They save the bus while Grifforzer and Lamie Scorpion attack them. When they try to retreat, Bandora sends Burai in as a giant to cut them off. Daizyujin is unable to stand up to the three in its weakened state, and eventually the Shugozyu are cast into a pit of lava as the helpless Zyurangers look on.

What came from Zyuranger?

Lots more used here than from the last episode to be sure. Most of the ground fight with Lamie and the Golems, the confrontation with Bandora, and Daizyujin’s fight are used. Since there isn’t really anything to preclude it, most of the fight footage was usable. Notable is how the entire nature of the conversation in the palace was changed when it was shifted to the previous episode in MMPR. There, it was an argument over who gets to fight the Rangers next. In Zyuranger, it was mostly about how surprised they were that Grifforzer actually spoke instead of just grunting.

Next up, the big conclusion which was actually cut down from two Zyuranger episodes to a single MMPR ep.

Part 3

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