Zyuranger vs. Power Rangers: The DragonRanger saga — Pt. 3

October 13, 2008

Part 1

Part 2

MMPR 1×21 “Breaking the Spell”

Roughly corresponds to Zyuranger 21 “The Shugozyu’s Big Rampage” and Zyuranger 22 “Combine! Gouryuujin”

The Power Rangers head off to find and confront Tommy about being the Green Ranger. Kimberly finds him working out at the Youth Center. Upon being informed they know who he is, Tommy responds by addressing Kimberly as the Pink Ranger and threatening to destroy them all. Rita decides this is the time to finally summon the Green Ranger’s personal Zord, DragonZord. Tommy as the Green Ranger has DragonZord start to destroy Angel Grove. The Rangers morph, but can’t do anything to stop the DragonZord. Alpha finally reestablishes contact with Zordon, who revives the Zords. Now able to fight, the Ranger attack DragonZord with Tyrannosaurus and eventually MegaZord. When the DragonZord is defeated, Jason duels Tommy on the ground, eventually knocking the Sword of Darkness and Dragon Dagger from his hands. Jason shoots the Sword of Darkness, destroying it and breaking Rita’s hold on Tommy. The newly freed Tommy is confused as to what he should do, but Jason convinces him to use the Green Ranger’s powers for good. Zordon then demonstrates how the DragonZord, Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger can combine into DragonZord Fighting Mode.

Zyuranger 21:

The Zyurangers mourn the loss of the Shugozyu, and Geki takes off by himself. Up on the moon, Bandora is holding a victory celebration. In the midst of the party, Burai slinks up and attampts to assassinate her. Bandora shows off her true power and casts Burai down to Earth. Burai comes to in a forest and is met by a strange entity in a white hooded cloak. She takes Burai to a strange room with a green candle, telling him it represents the remainder of his life span which is only 30 hours. As long as Burai stays in this “lapseless room”, his lifespan will not decrease. She then gives him a dagger, the Zyusouken and tells him something will happen if he plays the flute built into it. In disbelief over his finite life, Burai uses the Zyusouken to teleport back to Tokyo and begins to play it. Summoned by the Zyusouken, Burai’s own Shugozyu Dragon Caesar rises from the bay and begins to rampage through the city. Burai is delighted and continues to egg Dragon Caesar on. The Zyurangers are shocked to see a Shugozyu causing such destruction and rush out to stop it. There they find Geki attempting to help the people injured by Dragon Caesar. Witnessing the people he’s hurting, Geki finally resolves to fight Burai. The Zyurangers transform and confront Burai, but are powerless before Dragon Caesar. Not to be shown up by Burai, Bandora sends Grifforzer and Lamie Scorpion to fight Dragon Caesar. Meanwhile, Barza is attempting to revive the other Shugozyu.

Zyuranger 22:

The Zyurangers look on as Dragon Caesar clashes with Grifforzer and Lamie Scorpion with the city caught in the middle while Barza continues his efforts. Suddenly, the Earth begins to shake violently, and the Zyurangers transformation is canceled as their energy streaks away on its own. The energy goes into the pit where the Shugozyu fell, reviving them. Bandora has Grifforzer and Lamie retreat. Burai orders Dragon Caesar to go after the other Shugozyu to prove it is the ultimate Shugozyu. Tyrannosaurus decides to settle with Dragon Caesar one-on-one while Geki and Burai do the same on the ground. Both Tyrannosaurus and Geki get the upper hand on their opponents and Burai’s transformation is canceled. The Shugozyu combine into Daizyujin and viciously attack Dragon Caesar, then demand Geki finish off Burai. Geki, however can’t kill his brother and turns his back. Burai grabs his sword and moves to kill Geki, but hesitates. Geki insists Burai kill him if it will end the hatred, but Burai can’t kill him either. Burai drops to his knees and begs forgiveness, his tears causing the Sword of Hellfriede to dissolve. With the madness produced by the sword gone, Burai isn’t sure what to do now. Geki offers to have Burai fight alongside the Zyurangers, and Burai accepts. The Shugozyu have Burai summon Dragon Caesar with the Zyusouken again and demonstrate how Caesar, Mammoth, Triceratops and Tiger can combine into Gouryuujin. However, immediately afterward, Burai returns exhausted to the lapseless room. The puzzled Zyurangers look around for him, but he’s nowhere to be found.

What came from Zyuranger?

Obviously, since this went from two episodes down to one, there was a lot of stuff skipped.

The party in Bandora’s palace is shown, though Burai’s assassination attempt is cut out. Interestingly though, some of the POV shots as he sneaks through the room past Totpat and Bukbak are used. Also, some of the shots of Bandora attacking Burai are used for Rita summoning DragonZord. In particular, a shot of her shooting red lightning from her fingertips, which was then added to DragonZord coming up through the water.

Dragon Caesar’s rampage is much shortened, mostly cutting shots of fleeing (Japanese) people. Burai spent most of the scene untransformed until the Zyurangers show up and he leaps atop DragonCaesar’s head. Thus, this is all we see of Tommy at the scene. The fight with Grifforzer and Lamie Scorpion is removed entirely. My copy of the MMPR episode does not have the shots of Dragon Caesar’s tail cutting into the buildings, though I’m pretty sure I remember them being in there before. Billy even says “Watch out for the tail.” I’m going to chalk those up as victims of the post-9/11 “don’t smash any buildings” editing. One other thing I should mention is the flute song. The song is mostly the same, but not the same performance. The MMPR version is a lower octave and slightly shortened. Also, the flute tune is repeated a lot more in Zyuranger, where it’s usually only played in MMPR when the camera is actually on the Green Ranger doing something.

The final confrontation is mostly there, just reordered. All the Zord fighting is shifted to the beginning, and shots are inserted to make it look like they combined MegaZord on purpose (again, as it has no free will). Only once MegaZord has pounded DragonZord does the ground fight start. This ends once Jason knocks the weapons out of Tommy’s hands, though Geki and Burai’s duel went on a little more. New footage was shot of Jason shooting the Sword of Darkness as the way it was destroyed in Zyuranger was not usable.

Finally, the shots of the now 6-member team posing and introducing themselves, followed by the new combination is used unaltered as far as I can tell. The only difference is Zordon introduces DragonZord Fighting Mode whereas in Zyuranger, the Shugozyu themselves introduce Gouryuujin.

In Summary

Overall, it was surprising to see how little of the Sentai show is actually carried over once you start paying attention to it. They shoot all new story scenes of the characters untransformed, some new action scenes, even hauling over the Grifforzer costume to spar with Austin St. John. They even spent a fair amount of money as it’s told to have all-new fights shot once they ran out of Zyuranger footage (the infamous “Zyu 2” footage). It makes me wonder why they wouldn’t just do their own show. Are the special effects of guys slugging it out in spandex and rubber suits really that costly to do yourselves? Actually, strike that. I don’t want to imagine what Saban would have designed all on their own. At least this way I can get (more or less) Sentai mecha toys without having to sell any organs.

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  2. […] Part 3 Posted by triumshockwave Filed in Japan, Sci Fi, Television, Tokusatsu […]

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