DekaRanger – Master License

March 25, 2010

I recently decided, on a whim, to rewatch 2004’s Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. I’ll be getting to the show itself soon, but while clicking around eBay while watching I found something nice. This is the Master License, a special version of the Dekarangers’ SP License henshin device used by their boss Doggie Kruger. Doggie uses it to become the ultra-badass DekaMaster whenever he feels his subordinates are in too deep.

Since Dekaranger is based around a police detective theme, the SP License is based on a detective’s badge holder. The normal SP License has a white door with black text, but the Master License goes with an all-black color scheme with the text outlined in gold. In its closed form, it has a good size, feeling pretty good even in my adult sized hand. It may actually be 1:1 scale to the show. In use, the license has three operating modes, selected by a slider switch on the side. This switch physically releases 3 layers of flaps depending on where it’s positioned, giving the illusion that the interior of the license changes for each mode. It’s a clever effect, and works really well. Also, the classic cool move with a detective’s badge is to snap it closed by flicking your wrist, which the license will do, though it may take a bit of practice to flick it shut with all three flaps open.

The first mode is “Change”. This is the mode used to actually transform into DekaMaster. The Master License features a variant of the Dekaranger badge that incorporates Doggie’s rank insignia. Below, you have a sticker showing DekaMaster’s ID information. It also includes a blank ID sticker if you wanted to fill your own info in and make the license truly yours. There is a small bit of Engrish here. DekaMaster’s sword is named D-Sword Vega (his rival had its counterpart Sword Altair). This is misspelled as D-SWORDBEGA on the Master License. When you open the license in Change mode, you get the standard henshin effect, but there is a wolf howl mixed in since Doggie is, literally, a dog alien from the planet Anubis. Pressing the button again just produces a police siren by itself, as it does in the show when the Dekarangers flash their badge at the end of their intro speech.

The second mode is phone. This is where the main functional difference is between the Master License and the standard SP License. Opening the license in Phone mode causes it to make a phone ringing sound until you press the button again. On the standard SP License, pressing the button again just yields a series of beeping sounds. On the Master License, you randomly get one of 11 voice clips from the 5 main Dekarangers, which is pretty neat. This is probably the main reason to opt for the Master License over the standard version.

The final, and most interesting mode, is “Judge”. The Dekarangers use this mode to request a verdict from the galaxy’s highest court, whether or not the Alienizer suspects are approved for “Delete”. Opening the license causes it to say “Judgement Time!” and make a ticking clock noise. Pressing the button again causes it to deliver its verdict, indicated by one of two sound effects for guilty or innocent. Of course, since there’s no galactic court for the toy license to contact, it just randomly decides this. The ratio is heavily weighted toward guilty though, since in the show itself they only on rare occasion did not get approval for delete. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a Sentai series if they didn’t blow up the monster. This also makes it more amusing to “judge” your friends and relatives if they don’t realize the odds are so stacked against them.

Overall, I think this is a pretty clever changer. Like the show it comes from, it is pretty unique among Sentai changers. It is neither the traditional wrist changer, nor exactly the more modern phone changer. The real standout is the entertaining Judge mode, justifying your harsh and violent sense of justice… except when it randomly decides not to. I wouldn’t spend a fortune on it though. Regardless of the variant you get, it’s probably not worth more than $40 sealed. If you get a chance to pick it up at a reasonable price though, I recommend doing so.

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